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SFTP access

Functionality allows for the survey results exchange with flat files via the SFTP protocol. The data is saved on the client’s server.


To establish a connection to the SFTP server, we will need some information from you:

SFTP server address
SFTP server login
SFTP server password

In addition, if the server is secured with a firewall, you will need to add the IP addresses of our servers to the trusted addresses on your side. We will provide them during connection setup.

Catalogs structure

Catalogs reflect the structure of surveys on your account. The system automatically refreshes reports available on SFTP and overwrites old files with new ones. Files always contain a full set of responses collected for a given survey.

SFTP catalog structure
survey:1Main catalog for survey no.1
  all-reportsCatalog with reports.
    1Report no.1, catalog contains files in .csv, .xlsx, .sav, and .por formats. All files contain the same set of data but in a different format.

NOTE. SFTP server contains only reports for surveys that have collected responses. If the survey has been created but has no responses, it won’t be visible on the SFTP server.

Access management

You can manage what surveys will be available via SFTP by creating a dedicated user in your account.

To do this :

  1. Go to account [S] settings.
  2. Press the Users button.
  3. Press the + ADD USER button.
  4. Add a user and check the SFTP Access option.

NOTES. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – file transfer protocol, a communication protocol that enables file transfer over the Internet. FTPS (FTP Secure / FTP-SSL) is an extension of the FTP protocol that enables encryption of transmission with the TLS protocol. SFTP (SSH FTP) secure FTP connection via SSH.

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.