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Integration with Pipedrive

Please find below short instructions describing how SurveyLab can be integrated with Pipedrive and how to match your clients’ information with survey results.

To configure Pipedrive to work with SurveyLab :

  1. Log into Pipedrive.
  2. Create new email message template or edit existing template.
  3. Add survey link and use Insert filed option to automatically transfer selected parameter from Pipedrive to the survey.

Learn more about merge fields in Pipedrive.

Survey results are available after login to SurveyLab in the [R] Report. Information allowing to identify customers will be available in the RESPONDENT section.

In order to display individual report :

  1. Press [R] REPORT button for a selected survey.
  2. Go to [L] List of responses.
  3. Select response you want to preview and press Preview button.
  4. Data will be visible in the RESPONDENT section.

star Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise.