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About SALESmanago

SalesMANAGO (www.salesmanago.com) is a professional marketing and sales automation tool that allows for website visitor identification, source of traffic indemnification, and offers interest identification.


SurveyLab integration with SALESmanago allows you to automate customer satisfaction measurement process and gather customer feedback with easy-to-use online surveys.

SurveyLab – SALESmanago integration will help you :

  • Measure your customers’ satisfaction
  • Send automatic online surveys to your customers
  • Tag your customer responses with SALESmanago (f.e. company, email, client name)

How it works

SurveyLab – SALESmanago integration doesn’t require any additional software or complicated setup, all you need is a SALESmanago and SurveyLab user account.

To learn more read our SurveyLab-SALESmanago integration tutorial.

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