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About Zendesk

Zendesk is a professional-grade customer support help desk and ticket software with a full-featured back end for your customer reps and support agents. The system is used by over 85000 organizations worldwide, including Groupon, Dropbox, Slack, Box, L’Oreal, and many more.


SurveyLab is professional online survey software trusted by thousands of companies and organizations worldwide, including Dropbox, Deutsche Bank, Inrix, AXA Insurance, IFS, and many more.

SurveyLab integration with Zendesk allows you to automate customer satisfaction / NPS measurement process and gather customer feedback with easy-to-use online surveys and forms.

SurveyLab – Zendesk integration will help you :

  • Measure your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Send automatic online surveys to your customers.
  • Automatically create Zendesk tickets.
  • Tag your customer responses with Zendesk ticket ID, username, or other information.

How it works

SurveyLab – Zendesk integration doesn’t require any additional software to install or complicated setup. All you need is a Zendesk and SurveyLab user account.

Required subscription plan Professional or Enterprise.

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