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We are happy to present a new tool that supports 360 Feedback surveys (version 21.12.1). Among the changes, you will find a mini-panel for 360 survey participants and improved PDF reports.

  • Mini-panel for respondents
  • PDF reports
  • New payment process
  • Other changes and improvements

Mini-panel for respondent

If you are conducting 360 surveys, you know that research participants often need to take several surveys. In some cases, it can be even 10 – 20 surveys. It is a challenge.

360 feedback mini panel screenshot

The mini-panel makes participation in 360 research simpler. The respondent receives a panel, that provides information about all the people who are waiting for his assessment. The mini-panel is activated as a default option for 360 Feedback collectors and is available after clicking on the survey link that is sent in the email invitation.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise accounts.

PDF reports

We have improved the PDF reports. The report layout now allows for easy printing in A4 format (that is 210 x 297 mm).

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise accounts.

New payment process

We have improved our payment process. We divided it into three steps and added additional information. Billing data is now hidden by default. You can add it with just one click.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced many small changes and improvements. We have improved the way contacts are displayed for 360 collectors. We’ve also simplified the 360-degree survey collector settings form. We have corrected copy-paste functionality from MS Word and Excel. We’ve added a new TESTS category to survey templates, in which you’ll find popular online test templates. Among the tests, you will find the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT), the shortest IQ test created in 2005 by American psychologist Shane Frederick.

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