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From the very beginning, SurveyLab was designed (also) for the HR research surveys. Satisfaction, engagement, and employee development are key to success for each team. That is why the next set of changes introduced by us (21.19.6) focuses heavily on 360-degree surveys. Among the new features, you will find the ability to customize the appearance of the mini-panel, updated piping, improved mechanisms for importing and exporting contacts, and even better 360-degree surveys.

  • New customization & branding options for the mini-panel
  • Updated piping
  • Improved 360 contacts import
  • Improved 360 contacts export
  • Correct collected responses
  • Other changes and improvements

New customization & branding options for the mini-panel

We have added functionalities that allow you to customize the appearance of the mini-panel, including the ability to edit the text and colors of the mini-panel. We have also added the option of changing the favicon survey and mini-panel.

* 360 Feedback support is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Updated piping

We’ve added the ability to use piping (content inserting) directly in the survey and page titles. Piping is dynamic content management in the survey, that is based on the answers (selected answer choices) or data stored in contacts.

Improved 360 contacts import

We’ve improved the contact import mechanism for 360-degree surveys. Now you can also load contacts from .ods (OpenOffice) files. Contacts can be separated by [enter] or commas. You can also use both separators at the same time.

Improved 360 contacts export

We have added additional information to contacts export files, including assessed person data and survey links.

Correct collected responses

Now your respondent can correct his / her survey. Just delete the response from the survey report (list of responses) and your respondent will be able to take the survey once again. This way you can manage the complaints and data correction process.

Other changes and improvements

We’ve corrected some bugs and translations. We’ve also added a new language. Now you can create surveys in Tagalog (Filipino). It is one of the most important languages ​​in the Philippines. A mother tongue for some 24 million inhabitants in the central regions of the Philippine Archipelago. We have also updated survey reports. If you add points to the questions, you will additionally see the average score under each (close-ended) question.

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