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Business Intelligence. Dashboardy i segmenty danych

We just have prepared a new set of great features for you. This time, the changes mainly concern reports and data analysis. Among the changes you will find survey dashboards and functionality that allows you to compare data segments.

  • Dashboards
  • Data segments benchmarking
  • Contacts upload
  • Better 360 surveys
  • Other improvements


We are taking the first step into BI (Business Intelligence) world of data analysis and visualization. Dashboards are a brand new feature that allows displaying selected statistics and metrics / KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) based on various surveys, on a single workspace. Thanks to this, you can easily create and share reports with the most important KPIs and other selected information from multiple surveys. Once a dashboard is created you can easily make it available to the other users.

You can create multiple dashboards and use them at the same time.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Data segments benchmarking

Thanks to this functionality, you can compare the results of different collectors or survey copies on a single report. You can select up to four collectors or survey copies. The functionality makes it easy to compare different waves of your research project, data collected for different organization units, consultants, or markets. Just go to the survey report and then select the collectors to be added to your benchmark.

Contacts upload

SurveyLab can now recognize contact lists saved in .csv, .txt, .xlsx, (Excel), and .ods (OpenOffice) formats. You do not have to think about the format in which you have prepared your contacts list or how to convert it. Just create it in any tool of your choice and upload it.

Better 360 surveys

We have improved the ergonomics of 360-degree surveys. Creating contact lists for 360-surveys is also very simple. You can create lists in .csv, .txt, .xlsx, or .ods formats. All you need to do is create a full list of contacts (all survey participants) and then add information only about people providing feedback (for those contacts that will be assessed).

You can find more information about this functionality in our online help.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Other improvements

We have introduced a number of minor improvements and changes. We have improved the survey collector set-up form. Now basic and advanced settings of the collector are divided into two sections. We also added new survey templates for the “Helpdesk IT satisfaction assessment”, “Contact form” and improved translations.

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