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Jak wybrać najlepszy system ankiet online

For all people that are facing the task of selecting the best survey software, we created a little help. In this article, you will read how to organize a simple 5 step selection process to make the best survey software choice.

Step 1. Prepare selection criteria

In the beginning, decide what you need and what selection criteria you will use. Typical elements of assessment are : functionality, user-friendly interface, references, total cost of ownership (price and other costs like training or additional payments). Each criteria should have its weight, you should also decide what scale you will use to make scoring (for example 1-10).

Weight (A) Points (B) Score (AxB)
Criteria 1
Criteria 2
Criteria 3
Total score (Score sum)

Step 2. Create a list of surveys software vendors

How to start? Use Google, ask your friends and colleagues, and check popular blogs that write about market research and the Internet. Try to narrow your Google search results by using specific keywords for example “satisfaction surveys”.

Step 3. Make an assessment

Most of the information you need can be found on companies’ web pages. In some cases, you will need to make send an email to ask for additional information.

After this step, you will have a pretty good idea what survey software you will select.

Step 4. Create shortlist

Creating a shortlist helps to select the best candidate. Select 3 or 4 best companies from your list and look a little deeper into their solutions. Create an account in each system and test available functionality. Check if there are no hidden fees. Some companies apply additional fees on large surveys or limits response number.

Step 5. Select the best online survey tool

Sum up your assessment and select the best online survey software.

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