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Wskaźniki CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

SurveyLab 8.13 is now available along with the first set of updates this year. New features include CSI metrics and a bunch of useful changes that make it even easier to use our platform. The complete list features:

  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) metrics
  • Shifting survey pages
  • Hiding page numbers and titles
  • Improved security
  • Survey search
  • “Next page” smart button
  • Updated reports
  • Minor changes and error corrections

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) metrics

We’ve introduced complex metrics such as CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and merged tests and surveys. Now you will be able to create and analyze measures composed of multiple questions.

CSI metrics

The new measures have also replaced online tests. Now you don’t have to switch between tests and surveys anymore. All of your projects are in one place. You can easily change a survey into a test or the other way round.

Shifting survey pages

It’s now even easier to design a survey or make changes to your project. You can change the order of survey pages, not just single questions.

Note. Remember to apply corrections to question and page logic when using this feature.

Hiding page numbers and titles

You now have the possibility to hide the numbers and titles of your survey pages.

Improved security

We’ve reinforced our security rules. From now on the system requires that your account password is composed of at least 8 characters including small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

Survey search

We’ve added a survey search engine. This feature is especially useful for those of you who conduct multiple survey projects. All you have to do now is simply type the survey title and the system will find it for you.

search online suveys

“Next page” smart button

Depending on the chosen logic the “Next page” button will provide you information “Next page” or “Finish the survey” if the page logic was set to finish the survey.

Updated reports

We have updated survey reports.

Minor changes and error corrections

We’ve introduced a bunch of minor changes and corrections as well as solved the issue related to the survey with passwords / tokens.

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