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Jak stworzyć ankietę online

Have you signed up for free and start your first online survey? If the answer is YES this article is for you. To create online survey you need only three steps.

Step 1. Create online survey

Press create new survey button. Your survey is ready. Now you can add questions (you can select from 19 different question types), add a survey title, and divide it into pages.

Create online survey

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Did you finish work on the questionnaire design? Press create collector button and go to step 2.

Step 2. Create survey collector

Decide how would you like to collect responses for your survey. You can select from 7 different collection methods grouped into two categories. You can send survey invitations using email, or place it on your web page as a link (URL), widget, or popup. You can also collect responses using Facebook, Twitter, or other services.

Collectors are responsible for response collection for your survey. With a collector you will be able to define how your responses should be collected – both distribution method and survey behavior (f.e. if the respondent will be able to go back to the previous page).

Did you finish the collector configuration? Press save button. Activate your collector (activate button) and copy survey link (share button). If you use our mailing system you will be asked additionally to create invitation message and define a group of your respondents. Now you can go to step 3.

Create survey collector

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Step 3. Analyze results

In order to display the report press report button. That’s it. Your report is waiting for you. MySurveyLab automatically records all collected responses and updates report in a real-time. It means that all new collected responses will be instantly included in the report.

Upgrade your plan and take advantage of our analytical features like survey results export (csv, excel, spss), survey results filtering, or reports clones. Learn more about our subscription plans.

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