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Integracja z SalesManago

New SurveyLab integration is ready. This time SALESmanago users will be able to send online surveys directly from SalesManago and identify clients that responded to a survey.

What kind of data is exchanged

Integration allows you to identify clients and link their data saved in SALESmanago (CRM module) with surveys created in SurveyLab. Tools can exchange information like :

  • name ($name$)
  • email ($email$)
  • company ($company$)


Our solution allows you to link f.e. customer satisfaction survey results with particular clients and in the next step, as the survey is finished return to the client with his/her problem solution. This is a big difference in a customer support process and a great tool to improve customer satisfaction.

How you can use integration

To use integration you don’t need to install any add-ons, software, or have IT knowledge. All you need to do is place survey link in your SalesManago email template. Link should be finished with expression /referrer/$name$/. You can use any other parameter instead of $name$. That’s all. Collected information will be available directly in survey reports in SurveyLab (in the questionnaire header). Depending on the parameter that will be used it will be user name, email, or company name.

Created a solution using URL address to exchange information with SalesManago. More information is available in our support center : Integration-with-SALESmanago.

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SALESmanago is a sales and marketing automation tool. It allows you to identify people visiting your website, track sources of visits, and collect information about people interested in your offer.

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