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New level of security

New SurveyLab (15.4.4) version for the end of summer. This time we have added a new security feature. We have also added fonts support, improved survey logic, and we have introduced several small changes and improvements.

  • security policy management
  • fonts
  • new survey logic
  • create copies of your collectors and survey invitations
  • advanced piping
  • other improvements

Security policy management

Now you can manage password policy on your SurveyLab account. Thanks to this functionality you will be able to define password strength (password length, requirements for special characters, numbers), time period password is valid, or a number of fault password entries.

* This functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.


We have added fonts support for online surveys. You can choose from 27 different fonts (Arial, Exo, Lato, Lobster, Roboto, Times New Roman, Verdana, and many more).

* This functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plan.

New survey logic

We have improved survey logic. Now you add the whole question at once and then you define logical redirections. Thanks to this change you will create your survey logic and branching much faster.

Create copies of your collectors and survey invitations

You can create copies of collectors and survey invitation messages. Functionality copies the whole collector including survey invitations and contacts. Survey invitation copy copes email invitation for the survey. 

Advanced piping

Thanks to this functionality you can pipe (insert) any information from your contacts into survey (name, surname, email, phone, custom 1 – 8 fields).

* This functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other improvements

We are strongly focusing on system and user interface usability. Among smaller changes, you will find the ability to define additional custom fields in contacts. You can use up to 8 custom fields. We have improved password and token management functionality. Now tokens and passwords are configured separately in collector setting. We have also improved several translations and updated online help.

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