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The new version of SurveyLab (17.1.9) is ready. This time we completely redesigned survey logic, we added quota limits, improved integration with Zendesk, added webhooks support, and introduced a number of small changes and improvements.

  • new survey logic
  • quota
  • better Zendesk integration
  • webhooks
  • other improvements and changes


New survey logic

We completely rebuilt the functionality of the survey logic. With the changes introduced, logic not only supports more types of questions but also allows you to create completely new types of surveys and tests, including A / B surveys and tests.

Now you can build logic based on questions (single and multiple choice, matrix and open questions), pages, blocks, collectors, contacts, and types of devices used by the respondent (pc / laptop, tablet, mobile).

You can create two different versions of the same survey depending on the selected collector, respondents, device, or logical conditions in the survey itself.


Decide how many answers you need for each answer choice. The system will collect exactly the required number of responses for a given question and will complete the survey once the amount is reached.

You can set up a quota with survey logic for "Finish survey" logic type.

Better Zendesk integration

We have improved integration with Zendesk. Now you can pass any parameters from Zendesk to mysurveylab and save them in the custom fields 1 – 8. We also improved the mechanism for passing the language parameter from Zendesk and the automatic language control in mysurveylab.com.

* Functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plan.


Webhooks enable easy communication between applications via HTTP. This way, you can trigger a survey or turn the collector on or off. This way you can integrate mysurveylab with different online tools including LiveChat.

* Functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other improvements and changes

We have made a lot of small improvements and changes. We've added the ability to hide the logo in email-embedded surveys. We've also improved survey reports and updated user interface translations.

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