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Nowy brand SurveyLab

We are excited to present you new SurveyLab brand and new functionalities (23.3), including improved survey metrics, new lower SMS prices, and new survey domains.

  • New SurveyLab brand
  • Survey metrics
  • New lower SMS prices
  • New survey domains
  • Other changes and improvements

New SurveyLab brand

You probably already have noticed. MySurveyLab is now SurveyLab. We think our new shorter name is pretty cool. And you?

Please note that the change does not affect the operations of our service. The old domain (mysurveylab.com) and all survey links are still working.

Survey metrics

We have updated the functionality of survey metrics. Now thanks to the metrics you can calculate the sum of points, the arithmetic average, the average presented as a percentage, and NPS. You can also track trends for each metric.

* The functionality is available in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan.


50% OFF


New lower SMS prices

Are you sending survey invitations with SMSes? We have a gift for you. We have reduced the prices of SMS messages by 50%. Now for one SMS (sent to any phone number in the world), you will pay only 0.065 EUR + VAT.

Remember to top up your account to use SMS invitations. To do it go to the account Settings and press Buy SMS.

If you need to send large quantities of text messages, please contact us. We will prepare a special offer for you.

New survey domains

We’ve added additional domains for your research projects. Thanks to this you can run surveys from different domains including : surveylab.com, mysurveylab.com, surveyl.io, 7qa.eu addresses. Just select survey domain you want to use in the collector.

We can also create a dedicated subdomain for you e.g. yourcompany.surveyl.io

* The functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan. Subdomains are available in the Enterprise plan.

Other changes and improvements

We’ve improved the multi-choice question. We’ve updated the NPS survey templates. We’ve improved the system messages for survey invitations sent via email and SMS. We have also introduced a number of smaller changes and improvements.

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