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Do you need to ask young mothers (e.g. 20 – 35 years) for their opinion? Do you want to verify the expectations of IT managers in the Middle East area? Do you wonder if your product will be well received in the US market?

Thanks to SurveyLab you may conduct any marketing survey. Now we offer you access to the biggest online survey panel. Over 19 M respondents, in 65 countries around the world.

Define your target audience

To start market research we will need three types of information from you. Based on these data we will be able to reach a described group of people and quote your request.

  • sample size (required number of respondents)
  • respondents profile (e.g. age, sex, education, income, occupation, …)
  • survey length (number of questions in your questionnaire)


We will collect responses for you

You don't need to worry about proper response rate and data collection. In a few days (usually, the process lasts 3 – 5 days) we will be able to deliver you data you have requested. You will pay only for collected and complete responses.

  • we will carefully select respondents for your panel
  • we will propose the best price
  • we will monitor your research progress


Analyze survey results

Collected responses are ready for analysis immediately as your survey is finished. You can analyze them directly in SurveyLab or you can use one of the export options and download survey results in CSV, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, or SPSS format.

  • real-time survey reports
  • advanced questionnaire filtering options
  • automatic email notifications about research progress

Do you want to survey a certain group of people? Contact us, we will do it for you.

Sampling services and data quality is one of our priorities. High panel quality is maintained thanks to the strong commitment to standards and guidelines of organizations like ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA, and AMSRO, which is reflected by the ISO 26362 certificate.

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