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Jakub Wierusz
21 Nov 2016

Surveys for Universities, Sona Systems integration

We are happy to announce new partnership and integration with Sona Systems a leading subject based pool software for universities and academy. Sona is used by more than 1000 customers (over 7.2 million users) in 30 countries, including all of the top 50 universities in the US and all of the top 10 in Canada, as well as 75% of the world’s top business schools, and all of the Australian Go8 and UK’s RAE 2008 4-star and 3-star ranked universities.

Joanna H
26 Jul 2016

How to recruit respondents?

One of the most common questions, especially among those making their first steps in research projects, concerns survey distribution and ways to reach survey respondents. How to make clients aware of the possibility to express their opinion and reach the desired sample keeping your response rate high?

Jakub Wierusz
24 Jan 2015

Maximize your profit from online paid surveys

Are you earning money on online paid surveys as a panellist? Here are some tips that may help you to maximize your profit. Those are universal rules that work both with mypanellab.com survey panel and any other panel.

Jakub Wierusz
14 Aug 2014

Omnibus surveys

Omnibus surveys (omnibus study) are a kind of multi-subject qualitative research, used to collect information on multiple subjects. Usually, the questionnaire is created using questions that come from different companies. Each company pay only for selected questions. This way cost of reaching respondents and data collection is split between several clients and can be much lower than it would be for the same survey performed for only one client.

Jakub Wierusz
13 Jul 2014

mypanellab.com research panel is ready

mypanellab.com gathers people just like you – people who do shopping, watch TV, listen to the radio, do sports, travel, some of them wear glasses, and some smoke cigarettes. Every day they experience different things and are ready to share those experiences. The opinions are collected via anonymous paid surveys, have various lengths, and depending on the survey length and subject have different prices for completion, even up to 5 USD per single survey.

Jakub Wierusz
02 Jul 2013

Online survey panel

Do you need to ask young mothers (e.g. 20 – 35 years) for their opinion? Do you want to verify expectations of IT managers in the middle-east area? Do you wonder if your product will be well received in the US market?

Jakub Wierusz
14 Mar 2013

How many responses do I need to conduct online survey

Are you introducing a new product on the market? Work on client segmentation? Or maybe you plan important changes for existing products? In all those tasks online survey research can be more than helpful.

Jakub Wierusz
04 Feb 2013

Survey panel and SFTP support

We are happy to announce new 8.0 version of SurveyLab online survey tool. This time in our survey software you will find access to online survey panel and a bunch of small but useful changes and improvements.

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