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How does mypanellab.com work?

mypanellab.com gathers people just like you – people who do shopping, watch TV, listen to the radio, do sports, and travel. Some of them wear glasses and some smoke cigarettes. Every day they experience different things and are ready to share those experiences.

mypanellab.com connects the panel members with companies and organizations that are willing to pay for their opinions. The opinions are collected via anonymous paid surveys, have various lengths, and depending on the survey length and subject have a different price for completion, even up to 5 USD per single questionnaire.

Collected opinions are used by companies / organizations to work on new products, services, and offers. Also to verify market strategies and to build better customer relations.

Why should you join the panel?

Online paid surveys are the easiest way to make money without leaving your house. Registration with mypanellab.com is free and there are no obligations. Moreover, the whole process is secure and anonymous (we will never give out personal data or information that would allow to link the survey results with your personal information). You can opt-out of participation in the surveys or close your user account at any time.

Survey invitations are always sent by email, so you can participate in the survey at the most convenient moment. Most surveys take only a few minutes, just a time that is needed for a short break in your usual daily activities.

Start today!

Join the other mypanellab.com members now! Create a FREE account and start making money without leaving your home on paid surveys. Your income will be automatically accrued in the system and you will be able to transfer them into your PayPal account as soon as you reach the sum of 10 EUR. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create it for free. PayPal provides an easy-to-use payment mechanism and works in a similar way to online bank account.

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