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Rotacja stron i pytań ankiety

New professional functionalities and SurveyLab version (10.1.5) is ready. This time we have focused on survey page and question rotation and new features that extend questionnaire branding options.

  • page and question rotation
  • welcome page
  • survey name
  • hide progress bar
  • survey commands

Page and question rotation

This functionality allows you to turn on rotation of pages and survey questions. You will be able to randomly display survey pages and questions. This is especially useful in online tests, and in any situation where you want to eliminate the risk of falling into a response pattern.

In addition, the functionality allows you to lock the position of the page or the questions, so that it will always stay in the same place. This way you can mark the introduction section or statistical questions as a permanent element that should not change the place in the poll.

Welcome page

Surveys doesn't need to be boring. New survey element "welcome page".

Survey name

Ability to define separately survey name (visible for survey author on survey list) and survey title that will be visible for respondents.

Hide progress bar

You can hide survey progress bar.

Survey commands

You can change and adapt survey commands like button labels and system notifications for your research.

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