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Endless emails, group discussions, cross-departmental consultations, weekly roundups, newsletters, or intranet are just a few of many channels of internal communication between your employees. They are all designed to improve the information flow, however, the multitude of possibilities sometimes makes people forget about their main purpose – facilitating effective business ideas.

Our clients often use SurveyLab to limit the number of unnecessary internal communicates and get quick feedback from the people with the highest engagement level – their employees.

Here are some of the ways our clients use online surveys to make their internal communication more powerful.

Creative campaigns

Did recent brainstorm bring some revolutionary marketing ideas? Remember that good research always lies at the basis of an effective campaign. Your employees are a perfect initial test sample for new ideas. A quick survey among the staff unrelated to the campaign idea will provide a reasonable assessment of the creative ideas. It might also be a good idea to consult the sales department and eliminate any unrealistic elements of the campaign at this preliminary stage.

If you ask the right questions in your advertisement effectiveness evaluation survey, you’ll get the feedback that will help you create a creative and productive campaign. You can test initial ideas, storyboards, copies, or A/B campaign versions.

Engaging events

Are you planning to organize a team integration event, staff training, or a project meeting? Before you begin, consult the details with the participants using a simple online survey. It will make your work easier and let you create an event that suits their needs and increases their engagement. Ask about their preferred meeting date, place, theme, or even menu. Take their ideas into consideration and they will surely appreciate it.

Another trick is to use online surveys as event registration forms. It will make your job a whole lot easier! It’s really simple if you use SurveyLab.

Tune up the teamwork

HR departments always come up with lots of great ideas on how to use online surveys on a daily basis. From employee satisfaction surveys, through 180 and 360-degree reviews to exit interviews for people leaving the company. This helps them collect data in order to improve the recruitment process, build a well-balanced team, manage the talents inside the organization, and create an effective employer branding strategy. Surveys are a crucial part of these processes! If your business operates in various markets, make sure you choose a survey solution that delivers reliable multi-language survey features for smooth survey design and data analysis. And if some of your staff does home office or fieldwork, you should opt for a survey provider offering mobile surveys compatible with all types of devices and browsers.

Smooth cooperation

There’s lots of discussion about customer satisfaction and its business importance, mostly in the context of external clients. Whereas it’s just as important in the case of internal clients, where it can give you priceless information about the state your company is actually in. It’s a good idea to make each of your company’s departments keep track of their satisfaction level. They may run regular online surveys once a year or more frequently depending on the needs. In the case of some specific departments (e.g. IT Helpdesk) it could be useful to automatically get satisfaction feedback after each case.

Regular check-ups

Online surveys can also serve as a testing tool. You can add points to the suggested answers and easily create knowledge tests. Use them after training to assess their effectiveness or implement them in your recruitment process.

Have some fun

What other use of online surveys and tests is popular among our customers? Entertainment! It’s one of the simplest ways to run a competition for your employees. Prepare a test or ask an open question to be judged by the jury. The system can automatically generate a code that can later be used to collect a reward. If you want to make sure the competition is fair and no one participates more than once use tokens. The surveys can also be protected with a password or limited to selected IP addresses only in order to prevent unwanted participants.

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