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Logika ankiet na zupełnie nowym poziomie

We have a new set of changes and functionalities for you. We have redesigned the survey logic functionality, improved the token mechanism, and entered a new level of security thanks to 2FA.

  • New survey logic
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Report formatting
  • Tokens
  • Terms of use
  • Other changes and improvements

New survey logic

New survey logic

We have redesigned the survey logic functionality. It is easier to add logic to your survey and you can take advantage of many new options. Now you can create logic based on pages, blocks, questions, collectors, devices, languages, crk, referring pages, or iso-codes. Thanks to these changes in some cases time needed to create the logic can be shortened by 75%. Additionally, the system will automatically inform you if the logic is incomplete.

A complete novelty is the report logic, which allows you to display additional descriptions, graphics, or videos directly in the reports. Thanks to this, you will be able to add additional explanations or instructions for a survey and test reports.

2-factor authentication

We are entering a higher level of security. We introduced a 2-factor authorization (2FA). Thanks to this, your account and data will be even better secured. For the enabled option, when you try to log into your account, we will send you a one-time access code by email. Enter it in the login window to get into the system.

* Functionality is available for the Enterprise account.

Survey reports formatting

We have added the ability to format survey reports. Now you can easily change the color of the charts, metrics, and tables. You will be able to save created color template and use it for other surveys.

* Functionality is available for the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise accounts.


We improved the operation of the tokens. You can download a list of all tokens in CSV format along with the information which token was used. You will be able to download tokens only for a survey for which you have collected at least 10 responses. This way, we make sure that all collected answers are anonymous.

Terms of Use 

We have updated our Terms of Use and Survey panel terms of use to make them more clear and easier to read.

Other changes and improvements

We’ve made a number of smaller changes and improvements. We have improved dashboards management. Now objects on the dashboard can be moved even if they have an empty title. We have improved survey display on Apple mobile devices.

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