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Tokeny ankiet online

SurveyLab v 8.11 is ready. The most important change is the new functionality of online tokens. Tokens are unique codes that identify respondents, secure access to the survey, and enable full anonymity of the responses at the same time.

  • Online survey tokens
  • Response validation
  • Partial data export
  • CMS and Framework update

Online survey tokens

Tokens are individual survey access codes, that can be distributed by email or printed and handed to the respondents. Thanks to this feature you will be able to secure a survey and make sure that selected person will participate in the survey only once. Tokens enable full anonymity of the survey results.

Response validation

We have added new validation options for Polish postal codes (xx-xxx) and data (xxxx).

online survey validation

Partial data export

We have corrected partial data mechanism. Now all partial data are exported into a single archive, together with completed survey results.

star Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.

CMS and Framework update

We have updated the base components of the SurveyLab system including our CMS and Framework.

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