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Ankiety i dashboardy dla sieci handlowych

SurveyLab 32.3.4 is here and it takes reporting and survey results comparison to a new level. This time, changes focus on improved reporting for organizations that have many branches or extended organizational structures.

  • On-demand dashboards
  • New view for choice questions – table
  • IP filtering
  • New video tutorials
  • Other changes and improvements

On-demand dashboards

We have prepared the functionality that allows you to generate on-demand dashboards using parameters that can be passed via the URL address. Thanks to this, you can prepare a dashboard for a selected store, department, or segment using URL API.



You don’t have to create reports for each segment. The system will read the passed parameter, and based on the data, will create a report using filtering and piping functionality.

* Functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

New view for choice question – table

Possibility to change the way a choice question is presented in the reports. Now you can choose whether you want to present the selected question as a bar chart or as a table. You can also choose whether chart labels will be presented as numbers, percentages, or both.

IP filtering

We have updated the functionality that allows you to filter and restrict access to surveys by IP addresses. Now you can set filtering on the account level.

* Functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

New video tutorials

We have also prepared a new set of tutorial videos available on YouTube that explain how to use selected system functionalities.

Other changes and improvements

We have also prepared a set of smaller changes and improvements. New time filter options – the ability to set the period as the “last month” or the “current month”. Option to set survey link validity period – 7, 14, 30, or 90 days. If you use this option, the survey link will automatically expire after a defined time. Improved functionality for managing question labels in reports. Ability to navigate to the survey theme editor directly from the survey invitation screen. New piping element {dashboardName}.

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