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On-demnad reports

SurveyLab allows you to create on-demand reports using information stored in the Contacts, eg. custom fields.

Available parameters

URL ParameterPiping ParameterDescription
crk{crk}Custom Response Key.
rk{rk}Response Key.
responseId{responseId}Response Id.
firstName{firstName}First name.
lastName{lastName}Last name.
custom1{custom1}Custom 1 field.
custom2{custom2}Custom 2 field.
custom3{custom3}Custom 3 field.
custom4{custom4}Custom 4 field.
custom5{custom5}Custom 5 field.
custom6{custom6}Custom 6 filed.
custom7{custom7}Custom 7 field.
custom8{custom8}Custom 8 field.
collectorName{collectorName}Collector name.
dashboardName{dashboardName}Dashboard name.
relation{relation}360 Feedback relation.


To add a filter to the report :

  1. Go to the survey report.
  2. Press [S] Share report button to activate report sharing.
  3. Press Activate link button to enable survey report link.
  4. Add a variable to the survey report link that you want to use to filter it, e.g. /custom1/Warsaw/

Example report link



You can pipe data from the URL link into the report. This way you can create dynamic headers for your reports.

To add piping to the report :

  1. Select report you want to modify.
  2. Add piped parameter eg. {custom1} in the report title.


You can hide survey questions in the report using survey logic and URL parameters.

To add logic to the report :

  1. Add hide logic to the survey eg. if custom1 = ab3456 then hide Q1.
  2. Add parameter in the report URL eg. custom1/ab3456/

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.