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Ankiety napędzane przez AI

We are introducing another set of changes (No. 27.17.2) and we are taking the first step towards surveys driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

This time among many changes you will find :

  • AI assistant
  • 360 feedback project management
  • 360 feedback reports (BETA)
  • Discount codes support
  • Other changes and improvements

AI assistant

MySurveyLab surveys are becoming more and more intelligent. For the first time, we are introducing an AI-based mechanism that will tell you how much time your respondent will need to complete the survey and show the overall assessment of the questionnaire you created. This is just the first step and a preview of further changes that will appear soon.

AI assistant

The information is available on the survey design screen for all users.

360 feedback project management

We have added a new view to improve 360-degree survey management. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily switch between the view presenting all respondents participating in the survey and the view of assessed persons. In addition, you’ll see the percentage of survey progress for each person assessed. If no survey has been completed yet, the progress will be 0%.

360 feedback management

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

360 feedback reports (BETA)

We have added a new type of report dedicated for 360-degree research projects. Data in 360-degree reports are aggregated for each question and shown as a single bar. Thanks to this, the report is more readable and easier to interpret. This is the BETA version, however, we hope that this form will help you in conducting this type of research.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Discount codes support

We have added the option of displaying a static discount code at the end of the survey. The code can consist of any number of characters (min. 4). This way, you’ll be able to easily reward survey participants for their time by giving them a code or coupon.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced a number of small changes and improvements. We have updated our pricing page to make it easier to read. We have added an option to change text displayed for respondents on the mini-panel. We’ve improved some translations and updated our online help files.

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