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The new version of SurveyLab (18.13) is now available. Among many changes, we are happy to present REST API, a new kind of “carry forward” question type, new options for configuring survey widgets, better service of surveys in kiosk mode, and many more.

  • new question type “carry forward”
  • new widget configuration options
  • better support for tablets in a kiosk mode
  • new user role “Blocked”
  • other changes and improvements


With programmers in mind, we have prepared REST API to integrate our system with any online tool and service. Thanks to this functionality, you can easily download a token, a list of surveys, questions, or answers. It gives you completely new possibilities for integration and building applications using our website.

* The functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

New question type “carry forward”

We have created a completely new kind of question “carry forward” that allows you to dynamically build a list of answer choices based on previously provided responses. This kind of question is ideal for building questionnaires that deepen the examined issue.

New widget configuration options

We have added the ability to manage the frequency of the survey widget display on the website. Now you can decide what percentage of visitors to your website will see the widget.

Better support for tablets in a kiosk mode

We have improved the support for tablets launched in kiosk mode. We’ve added the ability to hide the navigation buttons for the “go to next page with one click” option and the functionality to disable the active link in the survey footer.

All you have to do is set up a tablet running a survey in a store or customer service point to allow you to assess satisfaction with the level of service to your customers. Surveys are run in a loop. This means that after filling in the questionnaire, the system will automatically load a new survey for a new guest.

New user role “Blocked”

We added a new user role “Blocked”. The role allows temporary blocking of an unused account. After blocking, the selected user won’t be able to use the application, but his / her account and all surveys assigned to it will still be visible in the system.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced many minor changes and improvements. We have improved the recognition of mobile devices. We have added the ability to manage opt-outs from the application itself (the Contacts tab) by the account user. We have also updated option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Now you can do it directly in the email, using unsubscribe link in the footer of the message.

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