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Top 10 changes in MySurveyLab in 2018 year

This year was exceptionally rich in terms of changes in our system. Work has progressed in many areas: from new functionalities and  improvements in the user interface to server infrastructure and security issues.  As there were to many changes, we decided to present the ones that are the most important for our clients. Here is a list of 10 major changes in 2018: Read more ...

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Black Friday in MySurveyLab

We have a great offer for a Black Friday for you! Take your discount! Read more ...

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First step into Business Intelligence. Data segments and survey dashboards.

We just have prepared a new set of great features for you. This time, the changes mainly concern reports and data analysis. Among the changes you will find survey dashboards and functionality that allows you to compare data segments. Read more ...

360 degree feedback

360 feedback. Build strong and good team.

One of the most fundamental factor while creating every healthy relationship between people is the ability to communicate. Seemingly, something very obvious, but to this day many companies are struggling with this issue. Speaking about business, in order to develop such a properly functioning company-employee relationship, one should consider, first of all, an appropriate tool and communication channel. Read more ...

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Business Software Directory recognizes SurveyLab as a survey software Rising Star

SurveyLab was recently distinguished as a 2018 Rising Star by leading software review platform FinancesOnline. This award is given to software solutions that have gained popularity on the market and are perceived by users as an efficient software for their unique needs. Read more ...

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