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Better mobile surveys, better SPSS

Last updated: 10 APR 2022

MySurveyLab 8.3 is ready. We have improved survey results export to SPSS format and mobile surveys display on smartphones and tablets.

  • Improved SPSS data export
  • Improved mobile surveys
  • Improved question logic

Improved SPSS export

We have introduced support for labels and numeric variables in SPSS data export.

Improved mobile surveys

We have improved mobile surveys displays on smartphones and tablets. These include corrected easy type questions, survey navigation buttons and fonts size improvements.

Improved question logic

We have improved functionality that allows to redirect respondent on survey completion. In the new service version our users will get up to 3 possible redirections that will depend on respondent behaviour :

  • complete - redirection on survey completion
  • quota-full - redirection on survey completion (after collecting required number of questions)
  • screen-out - redirection before survey completion, if respondent will not qualify for the research (e.g. if you need to conduct research in an age group of 18 - 65, you may redirect all people that answered below 18 or above 65 on a dedicated web page.)

author: Jakub Wierusz

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