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Jakub Wierusz
15 Jul 2019

5 ways to increase online sales

No matter what business you are in, sales is one of the most difficult tasks you will have to face, including the one you will run online. We have 5 proven ways to increase your sales and profits.

Jakub Wierusz
05 Jan 2018

Mobile app

The new version of SurveyLab (17.4) is now ready. This time we have something special for you. Mobile application that allows offline data collection (Android and iOS devices) and open-ended questions coding.

Jakub Wierusz
12 Nov 2016

Slack integration, Team work

New SurveyLab version (12.5.1) has been almost in 100% devoted to teamwork. We have not only redesigned multi-user support functionality but we have also prepared integration with Slack, one of the most popular tools that support teamwork and effective communication.

Joanna H
22 Apr 2015

ROPO effect – what do you need to know about it?

Consumer behavior evolves constantly in order to adapt to the changing purchase possibilities. ROPO: Research Online, Purchase Offline is one of the tendencies we’re now dealing with ever more frequently. 88% of smartphone owners use them to search for information and reviews of products – sometimes even while at the store. Do you know how this affects your business and have you ever considered using it to your advantage?

Joanna H
11 Feb 2015

Mobile annual employee reviews with SurveyLab

We’d been researching various possible solutions but SurveyLab was the fastest and the most flexible we had been looking for. We could try out all functionalities free of charge within just a few days.

Jakub Wierusz
25 Feb 2014

Smart mobile surveys

We have just released a new system version (8.9). This time new functionalities will allow you to create different versions of the same survey depending on the device type respondent is using (pc/laptop, tablet, smartphone) and this way adjust survey content to different media consumption habits.

Jakub Wierusz
08 Aug 2013

Online sales forms

SurveyLab 8.4 is ready and so are cool new features for online questionnaires, surveys, and forms. In this system update we have focused on improvements requested by the customers that use SurveyLab to create online forms.

Jakub Wierusz
24 May 2013

Better mobile surveys, better SPSS

SurveyLab 8.3 is ready. We have improved survey results export to SPSS format and mobile surveys display on smartphones and tablets.

Jakub Wierusz
13 May 2013

QR code surveys

Do you manage a restaurant, cafe, travel agency, hostel, or hotel? Would you like to measure satisfaction of your customers or collect feedback directly in the place where you deliver your services? We know how to help you.

Jakub Wierusz
04 Apr 2013

Mobile surveys

SurveyLab enters the world of mobile surveys and tests. Mobile device market constantly grows. Morgan Stanley forecasts that the number of people connecting to the Internet using mobile devices in 2014 will exceed number of people using PC computers. We understand how this change is important for online survey software and our clients. Therefore we have optimized all our survey templates for smartphones and tablets.

Jakub Wierusz
15 May 2012

iPad and Android (tablet) online surveys

More and more people ask us about iPad surveys or surveys for Android (tablet) devices. We have very good news for you. You don’t need to download and install any application on your iPad / Android tablet to create and conduct online surveys. All you need to do is create online survey with SurveyLab. As survey will be created it can be distributed to selected group of respondents or opened on your mobile device to conduct in-person research.

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