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Introducing referrer data

Last updated: 10 APR 2022

You will be able to :

  • Track websites from where your respondents come
  • Integrate your survey with your forum, portal, other community or website so you will be able to match responses to your users

We have created a simple mechanism called referrer which enables you to integrate your survey better with any website. Referrer enables you to acquire information about source from where your respondents come. It is working by default for your surveys and tests, you don't have to set any options for it to work.

An example survey's collector URL :

If respondent click above link and complete the survey you will be able to track back the response to the page where it came from.

Survey response result details for default referrer

As you can see the reference data is containing URL information pointing to this article page. This information is based on HTTP header field called HTTP_REFERRER. We can not give you a guarantee about this value, please read more about HTTP_REFERRER on Wikipedia.

You can customize the referrer value by adding the referrer URL variable like in the following URL :

This will result in putting BlogIntroduction as the referrer value into the response data as it is shown on the screenshot below.

Survey response result details for custom referrer

Let's summarize referrer :
  • Referrer values are displayed in the response details and CSV export
  • You will be able to find out where your respondents opened your survey
  • Do customization and pass values like Blog, LinkedIn, CompanyWebsite, FirstMailing as the referrer
  • Integrate your surveys with a forum (or a portal) by passing more custom values to referrer like ABC;XYZ; or user:ABC;page:XYZ; this way you can track not only input location but even a user in your community who responded to your survey

NOTE. Referrer may be 8192 characters long. But you should keep your custom referrer values short!


If you need more information about integration possibilities please fill in the contact form or send an email.

author: SurveyLab

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