Research Online, Purchase Offline

ROPO effect - what do you need to know about it?

Last updated: 13 FEB 2018

Consumer behaviour evolves constantly in order to adapt to the changing purchase possibilities. ROPO: Research Online, Purchase Offline is one of the tendencies we’re now dealing with ever more frequently. 88% of smartphone owners use them to search for information and reviews of products - sometimes even while at the store. Do you know how this affects your business and have you ever considered using it to your advantage?

See the infographic prepared by our partner SALESmanago and find out :

- why ROPO impedes analytics and Lead Nurturing programs,
- what to take into consideration when it comes to ROPO,
- what is SHOWROOMING,
- what actions can you take.


Would you like to find out if ROPO or SHOWROOMING affects your clients as well? Use mobile surveys and online questionnaires to study their behaviour. You may find out e.g. whether your website encourages visitors to check out your outlet and gives clear advice on how to find the nearest one. Also, find out if the customers visiting your store are recommended to visit your website and made aware of the benefits of doing so.

This post has been delivered in the cooperation with our partner SALESmanago.

author: Joanna H

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