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Last updated: 31 AUG 2020

We are happy to introduce MySurveyLab 9.6. In our new online survey software release you will find cool new features that include survey in email, better Zendesk integration, ability to edit active collectors, better security and many small corrections and enhancements.

  • Surveys in email (beta)
  • Better Zendesk integration (beta)
  • Active collector configuration
  • Better security
  • Small corrections & enhancements

Survey in email (beta)

We have created new type of collector that allows to send surveys embedded directly in email. Your respondent won't need to click on link to enter survey. Survey will be displayed directly in email.

* Functionality available for Enterprise plan.

Better Zendesk integration (beta)

We have created new Zendesk integration feature.

Active collectors configuration

Now you can edit survey collector settings even if it is active. You can also add new respondents without a need to close your survey. System will automatically add them to the mailing list and will automatically send survey invitations.

Improved security

We have introduced additional level of security. System will automatically verify if you are signed into on the same account from multiple computers and will close old sessions. You will be asked which session you want to leave active. This way there will be no risk that some active session is left on a device that you are not using at the moment.

Small corrections & enhancements

We have created many small corrections and enhancements, including better support for Internet Explorer browsers.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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