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Email / SMS invitations

SurveyLab allows you to send survey invitations directly from the system via emails or SMSes.

In order to set up and send survey invitations :

  1. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button to add a new collector.
  2. Select Email / SMS invitations collector type and press SAVE button.
  3. Go to Invitations tab and press CUSTOMIZE button to edit survey invitation message.
  4. Go to Respondents tab and press ADD CONTACTS button to add respondents.
  5. Import respondents from a file or add them manually.
  6. Press Start collecting responses button.
  7. Survey invitation will be sent immediately after collector activation.

Available survey statuses

Status Description
Sent Survey invitation has been sent.
Opened Survey invitation has been received and opened by the respondent.
Closed Survey has been completed.
Opt-out Respondent opted-out from further SurveyLab communication.
Error Error status. Respondent didn't receive a survey invitation.

NOTE. The collector must be Enabled, in order to collect survey responses.