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How to configure an online survey widget

The widget is usually a small survey or form displayed as a floating object on your website. The widget can have any size and shape. Default size is a small rectangle of 320 px width, but you can adjust it to your needs.

Widget behaviour

You can set different triggers and decide who and when will see the survey widget

  • Display after (seconds)
  • Display on scroll (px or %)
  • Display on mouse leave the page
  • Display on certain URL

Widget size and style

  • Width
  • Height

Your special needs

Do you need a specific survey widget functionalities? Write to us. We can modify or extend functionality to meet your needs.

In order to create a widget, follow the steps :

1. Choose the survey you want to create a widget for and click Collector button or create a new survey by clicking +ADD SURVEY.
2. Then go to Collect responses.
Collect responses

3. Create a new collector clicking +ADD COLLECTOR or edit existing collector by clicking Settings.
Add collector
4. Select URL Link, Web Widget collector type.
5. In order to set advanced widget settings, click Widget button.
widget settings