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Integration with Shopify

Here are the basic steps describing how to integrate SurveyLab online surveys with Shopify.

To configure Shopify to work with SurveyLab please follow the steps :


  1. Log into SurveyLab.
  2. Copy survey link from SurveyLab.


  1. Log into the Shopify
  2. Go to Settings and then Notifications.
  3. Select Notification template you want to edit and add your survey link.
    If you want to tranfer data like customer id from Shopify add to the survye link /referrer/{ data you want to transfer to SurveyLab }/ (e.g. /referrer/{ }/).
  4. Add survey link and press SAVE button.

You can read more about Shopify notifications here.

Survey results will be available in SurveyLab on Reports. Information that will allow you to identify individual clients will be available in response details in Reference (URL).