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Integration with Zendesk

Please find below short instruction describing how SurveyLab online surveys can be integrated with Zendesk. This is easy to implement a solution that will allow you to gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction (eg. each time a ticket is closed) from Help Desk work.

To configure Zendesk to work with SurveyLab :
  1. Log into Zendesk.
  2. Select Admin and next Triggers.
    zendesk - manage notifications 
  3. Press Add trigger button.
  4. Set Meet any of the following conditions: Ticket: Status > Changed to > Solved.
    zendesk - condition 1
  5. Add a link (URL) to your survey in Perform these actions section :
    Notifications: Email user > (requester)
    Email subject: > [{{ticket.account}}] Re: {{ticket.title}}
    Email body: should contain a link (URL) to your survey and referrer, which will allow you to identify clients. Referrer should end with slash /.
    zendesk - condition 2
  6. Press Update trigger button.

Survey results will be available in SurveyLab on reports. Information that will allow you to identify individual clients will be available in response details in referrer row.

NOTE. If you want to add a referrer containing first and last name of a customer (supported with Zendesk) to your survey just add /referrer/{{ticket.assignee.first_name}}+{{ticket.assignee.last_name}}/ at the end of survey link.