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Does SurveyLab provide a scoring mechanism?

Yes. SurveyLab survey tool provides a scoring mechanism which will enable you to create online tests, complex satisfaction indicators, metrics or KPIs.

As the respondent completes the survey, the system will automatically calculate a score basing on provided points.

Add points for your questions

In order to add scoring for the survey, you need to add points for answer choices.

  1. Go to [E] Design survey and choose the question you want to edit or add a new question.
  2. Press E Edit question button.
  3. Select Points mode and then set the points for answer choices.
  4. Press SAVE button.

Add metric

  1. Go to [E] Design survey and then Metrics.
  2. Press + ADD METRIC button.
  3. Set up your metric. The changes will be saved automatically.

NOTE. As the number of points, you can input any integer (for example -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3). Fractions are not allowed.