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Does SurveyLab provide a scoring mechanism?

Yes. SurveyLab survey tool provides a scoring mechanism that will enable you to create online tests, complex satisfaction indicators, metrics, or KPIs.

As the respondent completes the survey, the system will automatically calculate a score based on provided points.

Add points for your questions

In order to add scoring for the survey, you need to add points for answer choices. Points will be used to calculate the metric.

  1. Go to [E] DESIGN survey and choose the question you want to edit or add a new question.
    Survey list
  2. Press E Edit question button.
  3. Select Points mode and then set the points for answer choices.
    Points mode
  4. Press SAVE button.

Add metric

  1. Go to [E] DESIGN survey and then Metrics.
    Survey list
  2. Press + ADD METRIC button.
    Add metric
  3. Set up your metric.
  4. The changes will be saved automatically.

NOTE. You can input any integer as the number of points (eg. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3). Fractions are not allowed.

* Functionality is available in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan.