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Report copies

Report copies allow to create the identical copy of the report and then set individual filter criteria for the created copy. The system will remember selected filters. Thanks to this feature you will be able to track responses for the whole survey or for the selected copy only (respondents that match specific filtering criteria).

To create a report copy :

  1. Press C COPY report button, the system will automatically create a new report copy (named New report).
    report copy
  2. [OR] Press + ADD REPORT and then select Copy.
  3. Now you can add filters to the report to set individual filter criteria.

Usage example

Create a report copy, and set filter criteria for respondents that selected gender "women". Report copy will show results only for this group of respondents.

NOTE. Starter and Advanced accounts allow to create 1 report copy. Professional and Enterprise accounts allow to create up to 5 report copies.

* Functionality is available in the Starter, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan.