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Piping (or text inserting, or answer memory) allows you to automatically insert selected answer choice from question X into question Y. This way you can personalize your survey or broaden knowledge on a certain subject.

Questions that support piping (can be used as a source questions) : 

  • Choice question
  • Matrix question

Standard piping

Variable Description
{Q1} Question 1
{Q2} Question 2
{Q1C1} Question 1 Column 1
{Q1R1} Question 1 Raw 1
{Q1C1R1} Question 1 Column 1 Raw 1


Q1 Where do you live?

Q2 How do you rate the public transport in {Q1}?

The feature works for the choice question only. In the case of multiple-choice questions, only the first selected option is piped.

To add piping :

  1. Create source questionPiping source question
  2. Create the second question with the piping of the first question. In our case {Q23}.Piping destination question 

EXAMPLE. This is short example of the piping functionality. In Q21 respondents selects Toyota and in Q22 selected car brand is used in the question.

Piping example

NOTE. Piping works only for single and multiple-choice questions. Question inside which you will pipe (insert) text need to be on the separate page, placed after the page that is used for piping.

Advanced piping

This functionality allows to insert text from Contacts into the survey or survey invitation email. You can insert following information :

Variable Description
{email} Email
{firstName} First name
{secondName} Second name
{phone} Phone
{custom1} Custom 1
{custom2} Custom 2
{custom3} Custom 3
{custom4} Custom 4
{custom5} Custom 5
{custom6} Custom 6
{custom7} Custom 7
{custom8} Custom 8

360 Feedback piping

This functionality can be used in 360 feedback surveys to pipe information about relations and assessed person.

Variable Description
{relatedEmail} Email of assessed person.
{relation}  Relation of the assessee to the assessed person. Assessee perspective.


NOTE. Advanced piping works only for mailing collectors (Email / SMS Invitations, 360 Feedback).

* Functionality is available in the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.

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