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Multi-domain support

SurveyLab provides multi-domain support for your surveys. It means you can conduct online surveys in your own domains e.g.

Domain configuration :

  1. Select domain for your survey eg.
  2. Send us information about domain you have selected (our engineer will configure a domain for you in SurveyLab and will select the IP address for your domain).
  3. You will receive a dedicated IP address from us. You need to set redirection for it.

NOTE. Domain propagation in DNS network can last up to 48 hours. Therefore please plan your domain setup in advance.

Survey domain selection is available in the collector [S] SETTINGS. You will be able to select between SurveyLab and your domain for each survey separately.

NOTE. Please remember that you will need an SSL / TLS certificate for your domain. You can purchase the certificate on GoDaddy or GoGetSSL website.

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.