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Multi-domain support

SurveyLab provides multi-domain support for your surveys. It means you can conduct online surveys in your own domains e.g.

Domain configuration :

  1. Select domain for your survey eg.
  2. Send us information about a domain you have selected (our engineer will configure a domain for you in SurveyLab and will secure an IP address for your domain).
  3. Send us SSL / TLS certificate (and certificate private key) for your domain. We will upload it to our server.
  4. You will receive a dedicated IP address from us. You need to set redirection for it in DNS.

NOTE. Domain propagation in a DNS network can last up to 48 hours. Therefore please plan your domain setup in advance.

Survey domain selection is available in the collector [S] SETTINGS. You will be able to select between SurveyLab and your domain for each survey separately.

NOTE. Please remember that you will need an SSL / TLS certificate for your domain. You can purchase the certificate on GoDaddy or GoGetSSL website.

* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.