Online survey examples

Don't have time to design a survey yourself or just don't know how to start. Need help or inspiration with your research project. Don't worry. We have prepared a set of survey templates and examples that will help you quickly create your own online survey, questionnaire, form, or test.

You can use our survey templates, copy and adjust them to your needs.

MX | Marketing surveys

Online surveys are one of the most important tools for marketing. Find out key demographic information about your consumers. Conduct market research, measure brand perception, create intercept surveys for your online shop and do much more.

+ Market research survey    
+ Web service users survey    


CX | Customer experience

Customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score and more.

+ Training satisfaction questionnaire    
+ IT Help Desk satisfaction survey    
+ Net Promoter Survey (NPS | 0-10 scale) Report  
+ Net Promoter Survey (NPS | 0-5 scale) Report Dashboard


HR surveys

Online surveys and forms are a powerful tool for Human Resources teams. Conduct employee satisfaction or engagement surveys, pulse surveys, 180 or 360 feedback.

+ Training and development needs survey    
+ 360-degree survey Report Report (PDF)
+ Big Five    

Education (school and academy surveys & questionnaires)

Conduct satisfaction surveys and online knowledge tests.

+ Student satisfaction survey    


Government, Public services, NGOs

Consult your local community or members of your organization. Check opinions and provide better services for your citizens.

+ Bike lane usage  
+ Civil services survey  
+ NGOs online form  


Event planning

Are you planning a meeting with your customers? Would you like to take your team for a beer after work or maybe plan a party or wedding? Do you need to collect menu preferences or ideas for activities?

+ Wedding guest registration form    
+ Event registration form    


Online tests

Test your sales team's knowledge of the new product or offer. Create short quizzes or tests to engage your customers or employees.

+ System Usability Scale (SUS)    
+ Cognitive Reflection Test    


Online forms

Online forms can be a great tool to communicate with your customers or employees. Collect information about bugs in your software or as a registration tool for your event.

+ Online contact form    
+ Sales lead registration form    
+ Bug tracker form    

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