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Customer satisfaction in case of government, administration and non-profit organizations plays key role. At the same time satisfaction measurement can be a challenging and costly task. We know how to help you automate the process and keep the costs under control. Sign up FOR FREE and try our online surveys.

SurveyLab is professional and easy to use tool that enables you to create online surveys, questionnaires, tests and forms. No software to download or install, all you need is a web browser.

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Surveys for citizens

Surveys for NGOs

Engage your citizens. Learn how to spend your budget so it meets the needs of the local community. Let people vote for new bike lanes, library, park revitalization or new parking places.

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Create online forms and surveys for your NGO. Ask important questions and collect responses instantly.

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Surveys for administration

Online forms

Measure satisfaction of your citizens from the civil services you deliver and improve services quality and citizens experience.

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Replace your old paper forms with online forms. Registration forms. 

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Survey example - questionnaire for civil services

Powerful features
Complete research platform. Online surveys. Forms. Tests.

+ Draw test questions. + Set number of points for each answer choice.
+ Any language support. + Display test result at the end.
+ Rotate pages, questions & answer choices. + Secure access with a password or token.
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