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How to create screen-out logic

Screen-out logic allows you to end the survey instantly if a certain condition is met, e.g. if respondents select answer choice X then they will automatically end the survey.

To create screen-out logic :

  1. Press Design survey.
  2. Press Logic button.
  3. Press +ADD LOGIC button.
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  4. Select Question / [Selected question] / is equal / [Selected answer choice].
  5. Select End survey and optionally add redirection URL.
    screen-out logic

    NOTE. When you add a redirection URL please remember to add a full URL address e.g. https://www.surveylab.com
  6. Press SAVE button.
  7. Go to Desing and press +ADD PAGE button to add a new page after the question with the screen-out logic. It is important as screen-out logic will be executed when the respondent clicks on the Next page button.

NOTE. Remember to put screen-out logic at the beginning of your survey. Respondents will be frustrated if they are eliminated from the survey after taking the time to complete it.

star Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.