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Integration with Online Survey Panel

SurveyLab works with any online survey panel, incl. CINT, MyPanelLab, iWadi, luc.id, ConsumerFieldwork, Dynata, and many more.

To start a panel research project :

Survey Panel

  1. Log into your Survey Panel.
  2. Create a new research project and copy redirection links.


  1. Log into SurveyLab.
  2. Go to survey collector [S] SETTINGS and add redirection links (from Survey Panel).
  3. Set option response Key for URL only and SAVE collector settings.


Go to page (URL). This is a redirection link for a completed survey. When the respondents finish the survey they will be redirected to this URL.

Screen-out (URL). This is redirection for the respondents who have not qualified for the survey. It is used for the screen-out questions with End survey logic. This kind of question should be placed at the beginning of your questionnaire.

Quota full (URL). This is a redirection link for the research project completed when a required number of responses is collected.

Survey Panel

  1. Go into your Survey Panel and paste a survey URL link copied from the SurveyLab collector link share page.
  2. Add /crk/[Your-ID]/ parameter at the end of your survey link.

Survey link example


* Response Key functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.