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MS Excel data import

Please find below description showing how to import simple CSV file into MS Excel. SurveyLab also provides native Excel, SPSS, and PowerPoint file formats.

To import data into MS Excel :

  1. Open MS Excel and select Data tab (if you are using Excel 2003 select File and then Open).
  2. In section Get external data select From text.
    Import responses from text
  3. Select file you want to import and press Import button.
  4. In section Original data type select option Delimited.
  5. Set file origin as Unicode (UTF-8) and press Next button.Import survey results to excel (data type)
  6. Set delimiters as Comma and press Next button. Make sure that Comma is the only checkbox selected.
    Import survey responses to Excel (delimiters)
  7. Set column data format as General and press Finish button.
    Import data to Excel (column data format)
  8. Select an initial cell in your spread shit where you will place your data and press OK.

NOTE. Exported from SurveyLab .zip file contains flatten .csv file. Flat file does not contain ENTER characters which may cause problems with proper data import into Excel or other software.

Character coding standards

For most cases, Unicode (UTF-8) coding should properly display your language characters. If you encounter any problems please check other available coding standard or contact our support.