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Personalization and dynamic email messages

SurveyLab allows you to personalize email messages and use piping, i.e. insert in email invitations and the survey itself different data sets stored in contacts or conducted survey.

Parameters you can use :

{surveyLink}Survey link.
{surveyForm}Survey in the email (first question).
{optOutLink}Opt-out link.
{firstName}First name
{lastName}Last name.
{custom1}Custom field 1.
{custom2}Custom field 2.
{custom3}Custom field 3.
{custom4}Custom field 4.
{custom5}Custom field 5.
{custom6}Custom field 6.
{custom7}Custom field 7.
{custom8}Custom field 8.

Parameters are automatically replaced with information saved in contacts or in the survey.

Aby umieścić wybrany parametr w zaproszeniu do ankiety :

  1. Press [C] SHARE button and next Invitation button.
  2. Select email invitation message you want to edit and press EDIT button.
  3. Enter selected parameter in the email body.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

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