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Integration with Sona Systems

Here are the basic steps describing how to integrate SurveyLab online surveys with Sona Systems :


  1. Log into SurveyLab.
  2. Create survey and add a collector (URL Link).
    Collector (URL Link)
  3. In your survey collector [S] SETTINGS, set Response Key : URL only.
    Response Key
  4. [Optionally] Set a quota for your survey research in Total response limit eg. 300 responses.
  5. Then press the Link button and copy the survey link.
  6. Go to Collector settings / On survey end and enter redirection link (copied from Sona Systems) and add to the link end &survey_code={crk}
  7. Press SAVE button.
    Jump to website

Sona Systems

  1. Log into your Sona Systems account (eg. https://yourschool.sona-systems.com).
  2. Press Add New Study.
    Sona Systems
  3. Select Online External Study and press Continue button.
    Online External Study
  4. Enter Study Name.
  5. In the Advanced Settings | Study URL place the survey link copied from SurveyLab.
    Study URL
  6. Remember to add /?crk=%SURVEY_CODE%/ at the end of the survey link.EXAMPLE. https://feedback.surveylab.com/pageTag/SurveyCampaign/cId/78dce15d6d105abc128bd86d9a03a27c420ea62d9/?crk=%SURVEY_CODE%/
  7. Press the Add This Study button.
  8. Copy SurveyLab jump to Website URL and place it in SurveyLab | Collector settings | Jump to website.Website
  9. Add &survey_code={crk} at the end of the redirection link.



NOTE. Sona Systems is the leader in subject pool software for universities. It is used by over 1000 universities in 35 countries.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

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