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Tip! What kind of questions you should avoid?

Create surveys like a pro. Learn what kind of questions you should avoid. Make your questionnaire clear and easy to understand.

Biased questions

Avoid questions suggesting a certain answer. This kind of question may contain terminology or word sequence that will lead the respondent to answer in a certain way. Often they include assumptions that are not or may not be true.

AVOID QUESTION : Is green your favorite color?

Double-barreled questions

Ask about one thing in a question. Combining questions in one sentence can make it difficult for a respondent to answer and can make it impossible to interpret question correctly.

AVOID QUESTION : Please score the quality and price of product X on a scale 1 (very good) – 5 (poor).

Confusing or wordy questions

Make sure your questions are not too long and can be interpreted in the same way by all survey participants.

Questions not related to the survey objective

Make sure your questions are in line with the survey objective. A good way to check it is to ask somebody to read your survey, or to test it on a small sample.

Slang words or abbreviations

Don’t use words that may be difficult to understand like slang, jargon, or abbreviations.