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Online survey panel

SurveyLab online survey panel gives you access to over 250 M panelists in 150 countries. Whenever you need a targeted audience our online survey panel is the easiest way to conduct marketing research. There is no minimum size for the research project. You can conduct both quick researches with 100 responses and large projects with 10000 responses or more.

Do you need a targeted sample or quotation?


Each research project is different. To provide you with the pricing and research timing we need the following information :

  • Number of responses you need to collect
  • Survey length (in minutes or number of questions)
  • Country
  • Any special requirements eg. age, gender, access to a car, occupation, …

Project description example

N = 100, LOI = 5 min, UK, London, 18 – 65

You always pay only for the collected and completed surveys. You don’t need to worry about response rate, panelists’ remuneration, or recruitment. We are taking care of it.


  • Marketing managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Market researchers
  • Research agencies
  • Planners


  • Super fast results (2 – 3 days or less)
  • Superior targeting
  • Quality results (proved by ISO 20252 certificate)
  • Survey reports (available in CSV, MS Excel, and SPSS formats)


  • Demographics (country, region, city, gender, age, education, …)
  • Household structure (number of kids, income, …)
  • Occupation (company size, industry, experience, …)
  • Other (glasses, smoke habits, computer games, access to the car, bike, domestic animals,  …)

NOTE. If you are looking for online paid surveys please visit www.mypanellab.com website. If you can’t find your country on the list please let us know. We will verify if we can add it for you.