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How to conduct online survey using CINT panel

SurveyLab works with different online survey panels like CINT, mypanellab.com, luc.id, or Dynata (ResearchNow/SSI). In this article, you will find short instruction that describes how to conduct a survey using CINT survey panel.

To start a research project :


  1. Log into CINT.
  2. Create a New project and copy redirection links (survey completed, screen-out, quota full). You will need them to set up a survey collector in SurveyLab.
    Cint new project
  3. Go back into CINT and paste the survey link copied from the SurveyLab collector link share page.
  4. Add /crk/[ID]/ parameter at the end of your survey link.
    Cint links setup
  5. To automatically add data like gender or age to the survey report use http referrer or user attributes functionality. To do it add a parameter at the end of your survey link eg. /crk/[ID]/referrer/[S]-[YOB]-[AGE]/custom1/[S]/custom2/[YOB]/custom3/[AGE]/
Parameter (URL)Description
/crk/[ID]/Response Key.
/crk/[ID]/referrer/[S]-[YOB]-[AGE]/Response Key and referrer.
/crk/[ID]/custom1/[S]/custom2/[YOB]/custom3/[AGE]/Response Key and user attributes.
/crk/[ID]/referrer/[S]-[YOB]-[AGE]/custom1/[S]/custom2/[YOB]/custom3/[AGE]/Response Key, referrer, and user attributes.

EXAMPLE. https://www.surveylab.com/pageTag/SurveyCampaign/cId/1a74f0bf67bfe46ad22d4d9301b4b37bab47075ec/crk/[ID]/referrer/[S]-[YOB]-[AGE]/custom1/[S]/custom2/[YOB]/custom3/[AGE]/

Using parameters in the survey link CINT can automatically transfer the following information into your SurveyLab survey :

[ID]= Respondent ID
[M]= Member ID
[P]= Panelist ID
[PC]= Postal code
[S]= Gender (male = 1, female = 2)
[YOB]= Year of birth
[AGE]= Age

Thanks to this functionality you don’t need to ask your respondents about gender or age. This data can be transferred automatically into your survey using the http referrer (referrer/[S]-[YOB]-[AGE]) or user attributes mechanism.


  1. Log into SurveyLab.
  2. Create a survey collector (URL Link type) or edit the existing one.
    URL Link
  3. Go to survey collector [S] SETTINGS and add redirection links (copied from CINT).
    CollectorJump to websiteRedirection links
  4. Set option Response Key : URL only and SAVE collector settings.
    Response Key
  5. Copy survey link, activate collector and go back to CINT.


CompletedGo to page (URL). This is a redirection link for a completed survey. When the respondents finish the survey they will be redirected to this URL.
Screen-outScreen-out (URL). This is redirection for the respondents who have not qualified for the survey. It is used for the screen-out questions with End survey logic. This kind of question should be placed at the beginning of your questionnaire.
Quota fullQuota full (URL). This is a redirection link for the research project completed when a required number of responses is collected.

What do LOI, IR, DOR, CPI mean?

LOILength Of Interview.
IRIncidence Rate.
DORDrop Out Rate.
CPICost Per Interview.

Research projects

If you don’t have a CINT account don’t worry. Please contact us and we will set up the project for you. Please note that Cint panel price is not included in the SurveyLab subscription. To prepare a quotation for you we will need to know the survey length, number of responses you need to collect, country, any requirements for the sample (eg. age, gender, income, …).

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.